March 8, 2022
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How is the current crises in Ukraine affecting international shipping?

DGX Ukraine shipping crisis blog
DGX shares global sentiment for a quick end to the Ukraine crisis, especially the terrible suffering for innocent civilians.

As trade sanctions take hold in Russia and Ukraine, shippers are undoubtedly encountering shipping carrier notices regarding suspended services to Russia and Ukraine that are having unintended consequences for all international transportation.

To help minimize disruptions as much as possible for the international shipping community and our customers, DGX-Dependable Global Express is monitoring daily reports from all our ocean and air carriers to help with scheduling adjustments as necessary.

Importantly, we strongly recommend cargo insurance for any and all shipments. If you need help, contact us immediately and we'll guide you through the steps to properly insure all cargo for any shipping mode.

Significant delays in key transshipment hubs caused by increased inspections on restricted or banned goods are affecting Customs clearance in affected transshipment hubs. To help, DGX is analyzing each new shipping request to determine what alternative shipping methods should be recommended, such as:

  • Air freight instead of ocean
  • LCL rather than FCL
  • Backup port pairs ,when feasible
  • Inland trucking options.

As a long-term commercial shipping and logistics company, we are alerted promptly to disruptions that impact current or upcoming shipments such as:

  • Carrier lane closures
  • Route changes/detours
  • Changes to tariffs
  • Updates on restricted cargo.

We study all notifications and pass along alternative shipping recommendations as relevant to all DGX customers. Even if you are not currently a DGX customer, please contact us and we will help you analyze your best alternatives.

As we hope for an end to hostilities, here are a few links to charitable organizations serving in Ukraine for consideration:

As part of the personalized attention that we provide to every customer, DGX assigns you a dedicated sales agent at the front end of your shipment planning.

For more information, you can contact us in the following ways:

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