The Dependable Difference

DGX-Dependable Global Express has grown to become one of the most respected ocean/sea and air freight companies serving international origins and destinations. Our success and growth are due to our constant commitment to superior shipping, quality services and value.

Our professionals are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations by creating customized shipping, container delivery, international transportation, warehousing, logistics and import/export solutions, all at competitive rates.

DGX-Dependable Global Express is the supply chain partner you can depend on!

Our Mission

To continue to earn a reputation for integrity, service and diversity that is unmatched in our industry, we are “The Dependable Difference.”

Our Vision

In order to achieve these lofty objectives, we must hire and retain only the most qualified and dedicated individuals who share the DGX vision. Our status as a diversified, premier third-party logistics provider is dependent upon our ability to provide only the highest level of service to our customers, maintain a necessary profit margin, and to recognize opportunities and react to changing market conditions well ahead of our competition.

Our Values

In the pursuit of excellence, adequacy is unacceptable.

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Ron Massman, DGX Chairman

Ron Massman, Los Angeles, CA

Our Customer Bill of Rights

Six Rights

  1. The Right to Quality Service

  2. The Right to On-time Delivery

  3. The Right to the Best Value

  4. The Right to Be Informed

  5. The Right to a Positive Service Experience

  6. The Right to Be Heard


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