A Well-Respected and Qualified Shipping Partner

DGX-Dependable Global Express is a professional shipping organization that is compliant with world-class shipping standards and is a member of internationally- and nationally-recognized shipping trade organizations and governing bodies. We hold the following certificates and memberships:

GreenWay Miles
Certified Carrier

DGX-Dependable Global Express has partnered with GreenWay Miles to take advantage of an exclusive program aimed at helping the logistics supply chain measure its carbon footprint. We recognize the nature of our transportation and logistics business and the large share of greenhouse gases it generates. As such, we are committed to reducing carbon footprint and making a positive impact on society.

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State of California Organic Processed Product Registration

DGX-Dependable Global Express continues to diversify its service offerings to support the organic food industry. Our registration to handle processed products “sold as organic” issued by the Public Health Food and Drug Branch, by the provisions of the California Organic Act of 2003, Section 110875 of the California Health and Safety Code. Our support to this industry is evident by our registration and committment.

We are certified in our Los Angeles facility in Compton, CA, and our Oakland facility in Hayward, CA.

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Mérieux NutriSciences Distribution Center
Food Safety and Quality Systems Audit

DGX-Dependable Global Express is a Mérieux NutriSciences-audited Distribution Center for Food Safety and Quality. Mérieux Nutrisciences is dedicated to helping companies worldwide find practical solutions to today’s food safety and quality challenges throughout the supply chain. The Mérieux audit verifies we are compliant with current food safety & quality regulations and industry practices.

Our Rancho Domingo, CA facility is a Mérieux NutriSciences-audited operation.

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Transport Partner Certificate

DGX-Dependable Global Express is a registered SmartWay Transport Partner. SmartWay is a U.S. Government EPA partnership with trucking companies whose job it is to help the industry improve fuel and oil efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions. We have certificates for our Mainland USA, Oahu, Kona and Maui trucking operations.

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Carbon Neutral Operations
Warehouse Certificates

DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express’ warehouse operations in Los Angeles (Rancho Dominguez), Guam, Honolulu, Kona, Maui, Oakland and Seattle are certified as operating on a carbon neutral basis. Carbon offsets are from Carbon Footprint’s Global Portfolio and verified within Verified Carbon Standards (VCS) world standards. Each Certificate of Carbon Neutral Operations and Carbon Footprint Offset hangs proudly in our warehouses.

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