For convenience, most of our forms can be completed online:

  • Some forms require a physical signature and need to be printed and sent in.
  • Online versions of forms will be emailed to your DGX customer service representative when you click Submit, unless noted otherwise.
  • Interactive PDF versions of the forms can be filled in online and printed. Please note information typed into an interactive PDF cannot be stored.
  • In some cases we’ve provided completed form “Samples” for your reference.

DGX Forms

Rate Quote – no need to be signed in!
  Online Form

Credit Application – Requires signature.
  Interactive PDF  -  Sample

Hazardous Materials – Requires signature.
  For Printing PDF  -  Sample

Australia Packing Declaration – Must copy and paste Word Doc onto issuer’s company letterhead with company name and address.
  Word document

Presentation of Claim
  Online Form

Importer Security Filing (ISF) Form  – For printing.
  For Printing PDF

If you need help with any of the forms, please call us at 310.669.8888.

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