August 2, 2019
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Who offers warehousing with same day/next day delivery in Guam?

DGX Same/next day delivery for warehousing clientsDGX-Dependable Global Express is now offering same day or next day delivery service to new and existing warehousing customers. Our Guam shipping operation is now providing local warehousing and same day/next day deliveries to customers.

Also new, customers who need multi-location warehousing with same day or next day delivery on Guam will now have access to tracking and inventory information. Thanks to a new software system, customers can now interface with their systems and ours, allowing access to inventory records, inbound/outbound data histories, order processing via direct entry into our new system, among other information and features.

The new inventory coordination will provide the locations of all your items we’re storing as well as an inventory of all items on hand. The system interfaces with established e-commerce software to ensure if you order the goods to be pulled, packed and shipped; we are able to get the job done within the same or next day.

Deliveries are currently made during normal weekday business hours, Monday through Friday 7:30AM to 4:30 PM, local time.

Same/next day service to your Guam Customers is now a reality. Contact us today to get a rate quote or use our convenient online rate quoter to get a rate quote for your Guam shipments.

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