December 30, 2021
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How will the Chinese & Japanese New Years Affect My Shipments?

There are many schedule variables for commercial shippers with the upcoming Chinese and Japanese New Years holidays. With pandemic-related port congestion in the transpacific markets, increased consumer and industrial demand for products, and the recent Omicron variant outbreak; end of year and early ’22 shipping will be especially challenging even without the celebrations.

DGX shipping during Chinese New Year blogChina: New Year’s Eve is January 31, 2022

  • DGX’s Shanghai office will be closed Feb 1-7 for the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival)

Please be aware most companies in China start closing 10 days prior to the official New Year’s closure dates as the great migration of workers heading back home for family celebrations begins. Drayage and trucking will be especially challenging during this time as drivers are difficult to find. All trucking and drayage will be on spot rates during this time.

We urge shippers to place bookings and shipping of products as far in advance as possible to improve the likelihood of goods shipping out prior to the Chinese New Year closures and the backlog upon China’s return to work.

Japan: New Year holiday is December 30 to January 3, 2022DGX shipping during Japanese New Year blog

New Year is the most important holiday in Japan. While only Jan 1 is designated as a national holiday, many businesses remain closed through January 3.

  • The last day to clear customs is Dec 27 or 28 depending on the region.
  • Terminal operations are also limited during the holidays. All terminals are completely shut down on New Year's Day.

Be sure to consult with your local DGX representative to go over the latest holiday closures at any port under consideration BEFORE making your shipping arrangements.

DGX monitors daily conditions and analyzes each shipment, considering alternatives such as air freight, LCL rather than FCL, backup port pairs when feasible, and inland trucking options. It is helpful to maintain a creative and flexible position to minimize costs and delays. As part of the personalized attention that we provide to every customer, DGX assigns you a dedicated sales agent at the front end of your shipment planning.

For more information, call us at (888) 488-4888 Ext. 2011. Or, for Imports, email us here. For Exports, email us here.

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