February 24, 2019
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What factors do you need to consider when shipping to China from the USA?

Due to the differences in the two countries’ political systems, shipping to China from the US can be challenging and confusing since China’s regulatory processes are controlled and dictated by a single-party governing body. New tariffs (especially retaliatory tariffs), customs regulations and other import related processes and regulations may be authorized and enacted with very little or even no grace period.

DGX Shipping to China from the USA

The Chinese government imposes tight restrictions on commodities such as personal effects, secondhand vehicles, liquor, tobacco, waste paper, dangerous goods, metal scrap, returned merchandise, etc. It is strongly recommended that you consult dependable transportation professionals at the origin and that they work with their counterparts in China to ensure every required document for imports into China are in place before the goods being shipped are en route. This will avoid consequences such as fines, delay of released goods, cargo abandonment and related costs. China Customs even has to right to confiscate your goods upon arrival at the destination.

Disputes on customs classification in China can be costly, lengthy and sometimes arbitrary while cargo is being held in China Customs. Appealing arbitrary customs decisions in China can prove to be difficult as the government grants relatively limited due process rights.

Should you need advice or consultation, the professionals at DGX - Dependable Global Express stand ready to help. We have the experience, knowledge and reliability to ship your goods to China as smoothly and safely as can be done. We offer a unique package of shipping services including cargo shipment by air or ocean, logistics, oversize/project cargo, hazardous materials, to the job site, door-to-door, Final Mile/Last Mile, White Glove, after hours/weekends and trade shows/conventions.

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