January 22, 2018
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How simple it is to do air shipping with DGX?

DGX Air Cargo Made EasyWhen it’s time for you to choose a freight forwarder to handle urgent shipping matters, DGX - Dependable Global Express is ready to help. For air cargo solutions, it’s our reliability, efficiency and skilled high performance standards which are setting new benchmarks in shipping.

Flexible flight schedules and a robust network of contracted carriers with dependable air routes make it simple and effective to move products.  From priority express to consolidation cost savings services, DGX offers a variety of air cargo products allowing our clients to easily decide what works best for them.

To make it even easier and less stressful, our competitively priced air cargo insurance makes it easier to transfer the risk of any shipping peril whether across the country or across the world.

We stand ready to serve all of your needs for air cargo and freight forwarding.  Contact us today by your preferred method: phone, email, live chat.

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