December 14, 2020
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Consider shipping cargo via International Courier Services to Australia

Ship to Australia by international courier service - DGX blog

Due to the current pandemic and the closure of international borders, the majority of airlines have grounded their fleets. This has left the Australian airfreight market with an extremely limited number of flights, reducing the space available for cargo; and with exuberantly high freight rates.

Some air cargo is being converted to sea freight to avoid the high airfreight costs. However for urgent orders, the transit time is often not timely or feasible.

But not to lose hope, we've found an alternative for you to consider: International Courier Service. It's a great alternative we offer our DGX customers who need to move time sensitive orders to Australia. The costs compared to airfreight are competitive, goods face fewer delays than the remaining airfreight services, and they have a shorter transit time than sea freight.

International Courier Service won't work for all shippers due to the strict limits on package sizes and weights. But for smaller orders that are time critical, this method of international delivery is working quite well in the current environment.

DGX-Dependable Global Express is a full service international freight forwarder offering a comprehensive range of shipping services, including International Courier Service. If you need assistance, please reach out to your local office, email us, or call toll free at 1-800-488-4888, and we can help.

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