September 24, 2020
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How to ship by air during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Air freight shipping during COVID-19 blog

For shipping, the Covid-19 virus has changed the ways of doing business. It’s more complicated. There are many restrictions. And although some restrictions are being lifted slowly, almost everyone is faced with the problem of how to get orders from suppliers to consumers in a timely manner.

Globally, airlines are in a difficult position with many international borders still closed for passengers. Much of the air freight cargo travels traditionally on commercial passenger flights and they carry products ranging from fresh fruit and vegetables, retail inventories, pharmaceuticals, clothing, spare parts, machinery and much more.

While commercial passenger flights still remain grounded, many airlines today are providing “cargo only” flights or “freighter aircraft” services. These flights carry freight only and are able to move across international borders and provide a solution for time-critical supply chains. The shift made by airlines from traditional passenger flights to providing cargo-only flights has been a welcomed change, helping to increase air cargo capacity and move time-sensitive goods.

Cargo-only flights differ from regular passenger flights in several ways and have a big impact on the costs of using dedicated cargo planes:

  • Cargo only flights operate on a limited schedule as compared to passenger flights, operating perhaps only 2-4 times per week.
  • The cost to use this service is higher since it is a specialized aircraft and there are no passengers to cover the fuel/operating costs.

At DGX, we research the chapest and most reliable options for shipping overseas based on needs and priorities. If you are experiencing problems or delays with your domestic transport, please reach out to our experienced customer service team.Contact us at your local office, email us or call toll free 1-800-488-4888 (US only) and we can help you.

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