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Dear Valued Customer,

As first advised in our August 16th News Update and as part of our September 15th News Update, we were advised by Matson Navigation Company (“Matson”) that due to starting their new CCX – California-China Express service in early August, their eastbound cutoff times out of Honolulu would be impacted.
Pickups for non-hazardous shipments on Oahu will need to be completed by Tuesday prior to each weekly sailing. The cutoff to ingate containers going eastbound on the vessel departing Honolulu early Friday morning will now be the close of business Wednesday. The estimated time for availability to pull the containers from the Long Beach port is 10 days after the ship sails out.
In addition, the following updated sail dates are for eastbound hazardous shipments as well as 20’ containers from Honolulu to Long Beach:
September 24th
October 29th
December 3rd
 We will continue to monitor any developments on this matter and update you as needed.
Should you have additional questions, please contact our Honolulu office at 808-841-7311, ex. 1730 or email us at  
Thank you for your business - we appreciate it!