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Dear Valued Customer,


The following is provided for your information:


Holiday Schedules

The offices listed below will be closed for the holidays as follows:


 Labor Day

 September 6


 Ninoy Aquino Day

 National Heroes Day

 August 21

 August 31


Please remember that certain offices are across the International Dateline. The dates above are their dates, not the actual U.S. date.


DHX – Dependable Hawaiian Express Labor Day Holiday Cut Offs

  • Out of Southern California – The cutoff for Hawaii non-hazardous freight to sail Wednesday, September 8th will be Tuesday, September 7th by 5:00 pm PST. We will not be sailing hazardous freight for Hawaii on Wednesday, September 8th. The hazardous freight received on Friday, September 3rd by 5:00 pm PST will sail Saturday, September 11th. The cutoff for Guam non-hazardous freight will be Friday, September 3rd and the cutoff for Guam hazardous freight will be Thursday, September 2nd by 5:00 pm PST for sail Wednesday, September 8th.
  • Out of Northern California – The cutoff for Hawaii non-hazardous will be Friday, September 3rd by noon PST and hazardous freight will be Thursday, September 2nd by noon PST. The cutoff for Guam non-hazardous will be Wednesday, September 1st by noon PST and hazardous freight will be Tuesday, August 31st by noon for the sail Tuesday, September 7th.


  • Out of Seattle and Portland – There will be no disruption to our regular cutoff schedule.

Labor Day Holiday Port Schedule and Gate Hours

Matson Navigation Company (“Matson”) has announced Labor Day is a no-work holiday for select U.S. ports on the West Coast, Hawaii, and Guam. All Matson terminals will be closed on the U.S. Mainland and in Hawaii and Guam on Monday, September 6th, 2021.

All cut-offs for West Coast departures remain unchanged. 

 Long Beach

 Mon, Sept 6




 Auto Lot CLOSED



 Shippers Transport 0730 to 1630


 Mon, Sept 6




 Auto Lot CLOSED


 Mon, Sept 6




 Auto Lot CLOSED


 Mon, Sept 6







 Auto Lot CLOSED



 Office CLOSED


 Mon, Sept 6




 Kawaihae CLOSED



 Auto Lot CLOSED



 District Office CLOSED


 Mon, Sept 6




 Auto Lot CLOSED



 Office CLOSED


 Mon, Sept 6




 Auto Lot CLOSED



 Office CLOSED


 Mon, Sept 6



Hawaii Interisland Rates

As a follow up to our Breaking Alert that was sent out August 6th, we were informed by Young Brothers (YB), Hawaii’s interisland barge service, that effective August 6th, 2021 their current Fuel Price Adjustment would be increased from 1.54% to 2.41%. This FPA percentage is based upon costs and revenues for the three-month period that ended July 31, 2021.


YB has raised their fuel surcharge with a one day’s notice. In keeping with our policies, we are herein giving our Customers 30 days’ notice that our interisland rates will be changing with sailings on or after September 6th. Anything moving on a quoted basis will be quoted using the latest fuel surcharge reflected in our carriage costs.


Matson’s Eastbound Sailing Changes

We have been advised by Matson Navigation Company (“Matson”) that due to starting their new CCX – California-China Express service in early August, their eastbound cutoff times out of Honolulu will be impacted.


How does this impact you? Pickups on Oahu will need to be completed by Tuesday prior to each weekly sailing. The revised cutoff to ingate containers going eastbound on the midweek vessel departing Honolulu early Friday morning will be close of business Wednesday. The estimated time for availability to pull the containers from the Long Beach port is 10 days after the ship sails out.


In addition, hazardous goods sailings have also been impacted. Below are the upcoming sail dates for hazardous shipments out of Honolulu: 

August 20th

September 3rd

September 24th

October 8th


We will continue to monitor any developments on this matter and update you as needed.


DGX Los Angeles Airfreight Division is Moving

Effective Monday, August 16th, 2021 the DGX Airfreight Division is relocating its office and operations closer to the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).  Our new address is: DGX Airfreight c/o Prologis LAX Logistics Center 5353 West Imperial Highway Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA 90045.



There is so much news available, we felt it was really not necessary to comment other than to state that from the U.S. Mainland there have been no delays impacting Hawaii or Guam. Shipments exporting from Asia may still experience delays as the ocean carriers cancel sailings and air freight capacity is still somewhat limited.


At DHX – Dependable Hawaiian Express we have an Emergency Response Plan in place to ensure your shipments and our services will continue in spite of the virus. This plan includes our Associates and Management working from home, as well as providing us all with as safe a workplace as we can under the circumstances. Our goal is to continue to serve you with the excellent service to which you are accustomed. We are working both hard and smart to be part of your solution during these difficult times!


Warehousing and Storage

We have palletized goods storage capabilities in Honolulu, Maui, Kona and Guam. Our customers are able to monitor inventory levels, ship an order with same day/next day delivery, and use our facilities as a potential “back of the store”. You can increase your retail selling space or free up your workspace in your existing facility and have supplies arrive as you need them. For further information, please contact Eli Forkner at 800-488-4888 extension 1740.


DHX Blog – Shipping Insights

We encourage you to visit our blog at to see our latest updates, progress, helpful hints, and shipping insights. Once there you can access links to our other social media pages, where we share company items we believe are newsworthy.


Should you have additional questions, please contact your local office, or our Corporate Customer Service center at 800-488-4888, Ext. 2020, or email us at


Thank you for your business - we appreciate it!