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Dear Valued Customer,

The following is provided for your information:

Holiday Schedules

The offices listed below will be closed for the holidays as follows:


  Chinese New Year

  February 11-17


  Chinese New Year

  February 12


  Australia Day

  January 26


  Chinese New Year

  February 13

  New Zealand

  Waitangi Day

  February 6


  National Foundation Day

  February 11

Please remember that certain offices are across the International Dateline. The dates above are their dates, not the actual U.S. date.

Welcome Hawaiian Express Services!

With our recent acquisition of the Hawaiian Express Services organization now completed, we wanted to welcome Hawaiian Express Services Management, Associates and Customers who are now part of the DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express Ohana. We are excited to be able to provide you with the premium quality of service that our existing Team and Customers have grown to know and appreciate. We look forward to a long-lasting and outstanding relationship with each of you. Welcome aboard!

Northern California - We’ve Moved

Our DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express Oakland office recently moved to their new address at 3623 Munster Street, Hayward, CA 94545. Please update your routing information in order to ensure your shipment is delivered to the proper location.

Guam, CNMI, and Micronesia Service Rates for 2021

As follow up to our Breaking Alert sent out on December 16, 2020, Matson Navigation Company (“Matson”) announced that in order to offset increasing costs of operation and continuing investment in their service improvements, Matson’s rates for Guam, CNMI, and Micronesia cargo service will increase by $300 per westbound container and by $300 per eastbound container, effective January 31, 2021. Additional increases are outlined below:

  WB Per Container Rates


  EB Per Container Rates


  WB Intermodal


  EB Intermodal


  WB W/M Rates


  EB W/M Rates


  Rule and Rate Notes


  Rule and Rate Notes


  WB Single Unit POVs


  EB Single Unit POVs


  WB Manufactured/Multi-Unit Rates


  EB Manufactured/Multi-Unit Rates


As a result, our Guam rates will increase by like amounts for full container loads. For less-than-container load (LCL) cargo, our individual Customer rates will be adjusted based on a variety of factors, including the commodity, density, and current costs. These changes will take effect with shipments sailing on or after January 31, 2021. Please contact your current Salesperson to discuss any adjustments to your rate levels with them.

At this time no adjustment will be made to the terminal handling charge (THC) for 2021.

Alaska Service

With the Hawaiian Express Services acquisition, DHX – Dependable Hawaiian Express will now dedicate the Hawaiian Express Kent Terminal to the Alaska Trade and our existing Seattle Terminal to Hawaii shipping.

The company will continue to ship to Alaska utilizing the Ports of Tacoma and Seattle. We offer two sailings a week for less than container load (LCL) as well as container loads (FCL) from anywhere in the United States. Please contact Brian Skinner at 907-782-9040 or Brian Tinsley at 253-872-6599 for further information.

Refrigerated Service

DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express has offered full container load refrigerated service to Hawaii in the past. With the acquisition of Hawaiian Express Services our refrigerated services have expanded. We are now offering temperature-controlled services to Hawaii and Alaska for full container loads (FCL) as well as less than container loads (LCL) out of our Hayward, CA location for Hawaii and our Kent, WA location for Alaska. Freeze, Chill and Keep from Freezing (KFF) experience is now offered by DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express to serve your needs.


There is so much news available, we felt it was really not necessary to comment other than to state that from the U.S. Mainland there have been no delays impacting Hawaii or Guam. Shipments exporting from Asia may still experience delays as the ocean carriers cancel sailings and air freight capacity is still somewhat limited.

At DHX – Dependable Hawaiian Express we have an Emergency Response Plan in place to ensure your shipments and our services will continue in spite of the virus. This plan includes our Associates and Management working from home, as well as providing us all with as safe a workplace as we can under the circumstances. Our goal is to continue to serve you with the excellent service to which you are accustomed. We are working both hard and smart to be part of your solution during these difficult times!

Warehousing and Storage

We have palletized goods storage capabilities in Honolulu, Maui, Kona and Guam. Our customers are able to monitor inventory levels, ship an order with same day/next day delivery, and use our facilities as a potential “back of the store”. You can increase your retail selling space or free up your workspace in your existing facility and have supplies arrive as you need them. For further information, please contact Eli Forkner at 800-488-4888 extension 1740.

DHX Blog – Shipping Insights

We encourage you to visit our blog at to see our latest updates, progress, helpful hints, and shipping insights. Once there you can access links to our other social media pages, where we share company items we believe are newsworthy.

We wish each of you and all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021. May it be the best year yet for you and your loved ones!

Thank you for your business - we appreciate it!