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Dear Valued Customer,


The following is provided for your information:

Holiday Schedules


The offices listed below will be closed for the holiday as follows:


 Labour Day

 May 1-5


 Labour Day

 Vesak Day

 Hari Raya Puasa

 May 1

 May 7

 May 25


 Labour Day

 May 1


 Greenery Day

 Children’s Day

 Substitute Holiday for Constitutional           Memorial  Day

 May 4

 May 5

 May 6


 Labour Day (Brisbane)

 May 4

 United States

 Memorial Day

 May 25


Please remember that certain offices are across the International Dateline. The dates above are their dates, not the actual U.S. date.

Emergency Receiving Charge


To recover temporary additional receiving costs at the Chicago CFS related to the Covid-19 pandemic, an emergency receiving charge will be applied to all shipment receiving’s at the Chicago CFS. This charge will not apply to shipments received from courier services.





New Surcharge

Effective Date

Chicago CFS

All Destinations

Emergency Receiving Charge

$20 per receiving (courier services excluded)



Any mitigation and/or delay of the increase will be passed along as applicable.



COVID 19 As It Affects Our Business

We would like to offer some updates on the fluid Covid-19 impact on logistics:


  • All DGX Offices are operational and working regular business hours
  • All DGX Staff that are able to perform their duties from home are telecommuting
  • All CFS/Gateways are open and working regular hours
  • All ports and terminals are open


Philippines Logistics Current State of Constraints


Following is a recap of the local state of affairs in the Philippines:


  • Delays with Customs clearances on both flight departures (AEDS) and arrivals.
  • Bureau of Customs advising to communicate through the portal for faster transactions on amendments, direct validations, lifting of abandonment, etc. to help stop the spread of Covid-19 but delays are being encountered. Most responses are being received after 3 days or longer.
  • Due to the skeleton crews and schedule(s) inside the Bureau, personnel originally being communicated with will differ the next day resulting in "back and forth" catch up which is adding to delays, additional demurrage and storage (i.e. SEMIRARA).
  • Lack of or limited availability to Customs Representatives, drivers and helpers due to no public transportation. Both normal and exempt workers have been affected and unable to work.
  • Airfreight rates are very high. Carriers are offering inflated "upsell rates" and do not guarantee flights/space at the same time. Air Freight rates also may change at the time of booking. Supply/demand capacity.
  • Shipping/Airline rates being delayed due to work at home staff not having available or reliable laptop or internet connection.
  • Limited aircrafts and shipping lines are at times being cancelled due to other countries or local ports under quarantine lockdown.
  • On the Import side, most email responses are delayed. Shipments that are to be shipped here are cancelled due to the possibility of delays with the clearance process with BOC which will lead to high demurrage and/or storage charges.
  • On the Export side, shipments are being postponed or delayed due to manufacturing companies not having enough raw materials to produce the goods or having been completely shut down.


To work through this maze of challenges in the Philippines, we can customize a solution for you. Please contract


Shipping via Air?


The DGX airfreight team is accomplishing deliveries with a high sense of urgency, especially to vital emergency operations domestically and abroad keeping supply chains responsive to everyone's current safety needs.


In our current climate of the most demanding stresses on business and livelihoods, a hyper-sense of urgency has multiplied the complexities of just in time deliveries. In terms of air cargo, DGX is simplifying and untangling the myriad of logistical challenges which we are experiencing like no other time in history.


In life or death situations, shipping via air freight can make the difference. The impact of COVID-19 or the Coronavirus has proven that turning us into first responders, delivering vital supplies, and products into the hands of those front-line responders worldwide. We keep our customers thoroughly informed and updated every step of the way.


As for the shipping costs? Yes, they have exponentially increased due to factors beyond each carrier's control. Something unknown to many individuals is that a vast majority of the global air cargo is flown on passenger aircraft. As flights have decreased, capacity has diminished, creating an environment where some passenger airlines are contracting charters to fly cargo only.


In fact, turning a passenger aircraft into a full cargo operator comes at a higher cost as there are no passengers to offset the operating costs of the flight. However, when fast, safe, and dependable delivery of vital supplies is a must, then air shipping provides the speed of movement in hours vs days, or weeks to any operation globally.


Our DGX Airfreight Team offers a unique package of shipping services and solutions.


Rely on DGX, your "battle-hardened" logistics experts.


Should you have any questions, please contact your local DGX office or representative, or call us

at 888-488-4888 or at 310-669-8888.


We wish that you and your families stay safe and we thank you for your continued support. Our entire team stands ready to assist you. Together we will come out the other side stronger.


Thank you for your business – we appreciate it!