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The following is provided for your information:


Holiday Schedules:


The Offices listed below will be closed for the holiday as follows:


Malaysia Offices

June 5, 2019, June 6, 2019

Hari Raya Puasa

Singapore Office

June 5, 2019

Hari Raya Puasa

Philippines Offices

June 5, 2019

Eidl Fitr

Philippines Offices

June 12, 2019

Independence Day


Update to Section 301 tariffs


Last month, the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) announced, at the direction of the President, that items on List 3 would now be subject to 25% additional duties (from 10%) for imports of China origin. In addition to this, the president has already ordered USTR to start the process of raising tariffs on the remaining imports from China. If implemented, it would result in a fourth and final list to the section 301 tariffs and would essentially cover all the remaining imports from China. Currently there is little information known about the List 4 tariffs. Based on the previous three list, it is likely that a 25% ad valorem tariff would be imposed for list 4 as well. Further information will be provided as they are released by USTR.


Australia Stink Bug Fumigation Season


The 2018-2019 Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMBD) fumigation season ended April 30. The 2019-2020 season will start on September 30, 2019. Final measures for the new fumigation season are yet to be released. The proposed measures can be reviewed under the below link.


Severe Weather Affects Rail Service


The recent severe storms in the United States Midwest had serious effects on the nation’s rail services. Many Rail providers have announced delays caused by re-routing trains around flooded areas in the Midwest. These delays may impact our service out Chicago, New York, Atlanta and Houston CFS and our ability to rail containers across the country. If you have any questions regarding possible delays due to weather, please contact your local DGX office or representative, or call us at 888-488-4888 or at 310-669-8888.


Tariff on Mexican Imports to begin June 10


In an effort to push the Mexican Government to address immigration issues, the White House announced on May 30 that a 5% tariff would be imposed on goods imported from Mexico effective June 10, 2019. The tariffs would be increased incrementally until the White House deems that Mexico’s actions are sufficient.


  • 10% on July 1
  • 15% on August 1
  • 20% on September 1
  • 25% on October 1


Rates would remain at 25% thereafter until Mexico “substantially stops the illegal flow of aliens coming through its territory”.


DHX Blog – Shipping Insights

We encourage you to visit our blog at to see our latest updates, progress, helpful hints, and shipping insights. Once there you can access links to our Facebook pages, with some of more noteworthy items being:


New Honolulu Warehouse - We’re building a new warehouse and distribution center in the heart of the industrial district in Honolulu. Visit our page to view the progress of the building project.


Beard for Buck$ - A campaign to help raise money for charity, that will help the homeless in Hawaii. So far with our participating partnerships, we have earmarked over $35,000 for the homeless in Honolulu, with 2 more months until the completion of our new warehouse. Including pledges to be fulfilled, we have now raised over $50,000 for the homeless in Honolulu. You can see monthly updates regarding the current length of the beard.


The 2 charities listed below, will be receiving 100% of all donations:


We hope that you join us in this fun, yet charitable cause. #beardforbucks#honolulu#hawaii


Just so you know, for a single donation of $10,000, Brad Dechter, the President of DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express, and DGX (Dependable Global Express) dyed his beard purple, one of the official colors of Dependable Supply Chain Services, for a month!

For $25,000 he will dye the beard and his hair too, for a month! It’s all for a great cause, folks!


If you are thinking of donating to a worthy cause, this is it! We appreciate any donation you can make to help the homeless in Honolulu.


Should you have any questions, please contact your local DGX office or representative, or call us

at 888-488-4888 or at 310-669-8888.


Thank you for your business – we appreciate it!