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Dear Valued Customer:



Hawaii -


We were informed by Matson Navigation Company (“Matson”) their vessel schedule is being adjusted as a result of unusually inclement weather and an unexpected mechanical repair. To minimize cargo delays and return the fleet to pro-forma schedule status as quickly as possible, they are activating the reserve vessel Kauai and making additional adjustments as follows:


The Matsonia V625W is delayed sailing Oakland due to an issue requiring repairs which was discovered during operations yesterday. The revised departure is now Monday morning, February 25.


The Kauai V012W is being activated from reserve status to sail Oakland Tuesday afternoon, February 26. This sailing will replace the Manoa V409W departure from Oakland, enabling the Manoa to return to pro-forma schedule on its next voyage.


The Manoa V409W will sail directly from Seattle to Honolulu on Sunday evening, February 25.  


Vessel schedule adjustments are listed below:


MV Manoa V409W


            Seattle Departure:     Sunday evening, February 24


            Honolulu Arrival:      Friday evening, March 1



SS Matsonia V625W


            Oakland Departure:  Monday morning, February 25

            Honolulu Arrival:      Friday morning, March 1


SS Kauai V012W


            Oakland Departure:  Tuesday afternoon, February 26


            Honolulu Arrival:       Saturday evening, March 2


The Hawaii neighbor island barge schedules will be adjusted to minimize delays to cargo availability.


Guam/Okinawa -


As a result of inclement weather, the Mahimahi V416W Oakland departure was cancelled in order to return the ship to pro-forma schedule. Oakland origin to Guam and Okinawa freight planned to sail on Mahimahi V416W was rebooked to Matsonia V625W in order to make the Honolulu connection to Maunawili V170W.


However, the Matsonia V625W is now undergoing an unexpected mechanical repair and will depart Monday morning, February 25 to connect with the Maunalei V132W departing Honolulu Tuesday morning, March 5 arriving Guam March 12 and arriving Okinawa March 16.


Schedule changes for Guam and Okinawa arrival times are listed below:   


SS Matsonia V625W


            Oakland Departure:    Monday morning, February 25

            Honolulu Arrival:        Friday morning, March 1


MV Maunalei V132W


            Honolulu Departure:  Tuesday morning, March 5


            Guam Arrival:             Tuesday morning, March 12


            Okinawa Arrival:         Saturday morning, March 16


Our trucking operations in Hawaii and Guam will do everything in their power to expedite the handling of your shipments to minimize any further delay to our customers.


Matson recognizes they have had an unusual number of schedule adjustments over the past few months and apologizes for the inconvenience caused. They have experienced a combination of weather events and mechanical issues. They do expect the severe winter weather to begin easing over the next few weeks, and continue to progress with their Hawaii fleet renewal program. After receiving the Daniel K. Inouye last November, they expect to receive their second and third new vessels this April and November. Their fourth and final new vessel is scheduled for August 2020.


Should you have additional questions, please contact your local representative or Customer Service at our corporate office at 1-800-488-4888 or 1-310-537-2000, Ext. 2020.



Thank you in advance for your understanding.  We apologize for any inconvenience.