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Dear Valued Customers,


The following is provided for your information:


Holiday Schedules

The following offices will be closed in celebration of their local holidays.



Chinese New Yew

February 4-10

Hong Kong

Chinese New Year

February 5-7


National Foundation Day

February 11


Chinese New Year

February 5-6

New Zealand

Waitangi Day

February 6


Chinese New Year

February 5


Chinese New Year

February 5-7


Please remember that certain offices are across the International Dateline. The dates above are their dates, not the actual USA date.



USA Port Congestion

Port Congestion in some of the major USA ports, most notably Los Angeles and New York, has worsened as of recent weeks. Import volumes related to USA - China Tariffs and pre Chinese New Year rush have surged. Increased shipping, along with weather associated delays, have caused terminals to store more containers -resulting in chassis shortage and substantially longer dwell times. Import containers are suffering substantial delays in availability, delivery and/or rail transport to inland destinations. 


Relief is expected with the decline in shipping volumes during Chinese New Year which begins February 5, 2019. Carriers and terminals are working on clearing the backlog. However, with the severe winter weather, cargo movement between the Midwest/Northeast and the rest of the country is drastically delayed, affecting both import and export traffic. 



Rate Increase




Increase Amount

Effective Date

All US Origins

Brisbane and New Zealand


$10w/m - $10 min

February 15, 2019

Company Happenings

We would like to share some recent news from our DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express blogs, with the below being a “cut and paste” effort from our website, and Facebook page(s):

We encourage you to visit our blog at to see our latest updates, progress, helpful hints, and shipping insights. Once there you can access links to our Facebook pages, with some of more noteworthy items being:


New Honolulu Warehouse - We’re building a new warehouse and distribution center in the heart of the industrial district in Honolulu. Visit our page to view the progress of the building project.


Beard for Buck$ - A campaign to help raise money for charity, that will help the homeless in Hawaii. So far we have earmarked over $25,000 for charity, including a donation from a customer for $25.00 a container for their 100 plus container project.  We estimate 4 more months until the completion of our new warehouse! You can see monthly updates regarding the current length of the beard, as we progress.


The 2 charities listed below, will be receiving 100% of all donations:

·       Kahauiki Village

·       The Salvation Army-Hawaiian and Pacific Islands!/donation/checkout


We hope that you join us in this fun, yet charitable cause. #beardforbucks #honolulu #hawaii. Please feel free to donate to this worthy cause.


Just so you know, for a single donation of $10,000, Brad Dechter, the President of DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express, and DGX (Dependable Global Express) is willing to dye his beard purple, one of the official colors of Dependable Supply Chain Services, for a month!

For $25,000 he will dye the beard and his hair, too! It’s all for a great cause, folks!


Should you have additional questions, please contact your local DGX office or representative, or call us at 888-488-4888 or at 310-669-8888.


Thank you for your business - we appreciate it!