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Dear Valued Customer,


We have been informed that the first vessel in a new vessel rotation, which caused the delay of last week’s Australia and New Zealand sailing, has now been loaded at full capacity.


The first vessel in the new rotation, the Melina 814S, is operated by Maersk/Hamburg Sud and at the last minute they announced that all other carriers had to have a significant allocation cut, despite confirmed bookings.

Ocean carrier lines have had to cut all bookings ex Long Beach (the last US port rotation) as the vessel was already in Oakland and being loaded, at full capacity.


As a result all bookings from the Melina 814S have been rolled to the:


ANL Tongala 815S

Cut Off DGX CFS: 19th November

ETD Long Beach: 26th November

ETA Auckland: 10th December

ETA Sydney: 15th December

ETA Melbourne: 17th December

ETA Christchurch: 17th December

ETA Brisbane: 26th December


Please note for any new bookings, it appears the Tongala 815S is already booked to capacity,

due to the time of year, the already delayed vessels, and the start of the new rotation. Please let us know at the earliest of any new bookings/orders so we may achieve the best possible arrival at destination before the Christmas/New Year’s holiday break.


We sincerely apologize for this extended delay and we assure you we have tried all avenues to secure the earliest arrival dates for your cargo.


Please contact your local office with any questions.


For those in the USA, we wish you and your loved ones a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving Day!


Thank you for your business-we appreciate it!