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Dear Valued Customer:


Hurricane Lane’s forecasted path near the Hawaiian Islands will bring storm surge and severe weather conditions that will likely impact arrival and departure times of the barge sailings within the Hawaiian Islands.

Starting August 21, 2018 at 11:00AM, the Captain of the Port (“COPT”) will be closing all waterways to vessel arrivals for the ports of Hilo and Kona.  As the storm approaches on its path, we do expect the COTP to close the waterways to vessel arrivals for additional ports.

As the path of Hurricane Lane becomes more defined, we will update you as to what we determine will be service issues impacting our Inter-Island Service, as well as our ocean forwarding services to each Island from the Mainland.

Should you have additional questions or scheduling concerns, please contact your local office or contact DHX at 800-488-4888, OR 310-537-2000, Ext.2020.

Thank you for your understanding with respect to the above.  We will take all steps possible to minimize delays.