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Guam over the road weight restrictions

Effective July 3, 2017, Guam over the road weight limits was enforced with fines being issued for loads found over weight. Cargo weight loaded to 20' containers should not exceed 36,000 lbs/15,000 kgs, 40' containers not to exceed 42,000 lbs/19,000 kgs. Weight of cargo must be evenly distributed across the entire container to avoid exceeding the legal maximum weight limit allowed for tandem axles.

Containers that are cited for being over the legal weight limit will not be allowed to travel over Guam roadways until adequate cargo has been removed or re-positioned to meet the maximum allowable weight.

Overweight fine for first offense is $500, plus $0.25 per lb, second offense $750, plus $0.50 per lb, third offense $1,000, plus $0.75 per lb. The per pound amount is for each pound over the allowed weight limit.

Unloading fees will be charged based on the degree of the logistics, equipment and manpower needed.

Fines and unloading cost must be paid by the consignee or owner of goods prior to cargo being delivered.

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