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DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express


The following is provided for your information:


Trucking Services

We offer local shipment pickup and delivery service from/to all main cities within the continental United States, Hawaii, and Guam. We understand your needs for a cost-effective, secure and reliable network of freight transportation trucking services. 

Our company owned and operated trucking operations in Oahu, Maui, Kona and Guam, as well as our delivery agents in Hilo and Kauai, are equipped to meet almost all servicing requirements. From hauling wind turbines or heavy hauling of prison towers to the standard delivery service, we ensure your trucking needs are met. With added services ranging from drop-off to appointment-generated “White Glove” or “Final Mile-Last Mile” deliveries, we are safe and Dependable in every aspect of our service. We can also arrange weekend deliveries if required (extra/minimum charges will apply).


We also offer extensive mall delivery services complete with scanning/automation, delivering before or after mall operating hours, complete with pallet jacks, dollies, helper labor, scanners to scan your packages/cartons, and more. Partnering with Descartes — carton-level tracking in real time — ensures accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of your information; your shipment updates with real-time information as it occurs both upon receipt of the goods and at the time of delivery.


We want to be an extension of your enterprise, and whether it’s installation of appliances or putting together furniture, we do a professional job. We have available many choices to perform your work to your specifications- box trucks (with and without lift gates), flatbed equipment, lowboy trailers and tarped solutions for both pickups and deliveries, depending on you or your customer’s needs. 


Please give one of our Customer Satisfaction Agents a call at 1-800-488-4888 at Ext. 2020 to arrange your next shipment. We look forward to providing you with excellent service.  We’re Dependable - from Start to Finish!