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Subject:  Hurricanes Madeline and Lester

Dear Valued Customer:


Please note the update from Matson Navigation Company (“Matson”) below:

This updates our earlier advisory with information based on the National Weather Service forecasts for Hurricanes Madeline and Lester as of 1100 HST yesterday:

Big Island 

  • The earlier hurricane warning has been discontinued for the Big Island. A tropical storm warning is now in effect.

  • U.S. Coast Guard closed Big Island ports at 2000 on August 30 and plans to survey conditions of those ports Thursday morning HST on September 1 to determine reopening date/time.

  • Hurricane Madeline is southeast of Hilo and continues to track south of the Big Island and weaken. It is expected to bring tropical storm force winds, heavy rains, and high surf to parts of the Big Island through Thursday. 

  • Hurricane Lester, still more than 1,000 miles east of the Big Island and moving at 12 knots, is forecast to pass north of the Big Island on Saturday/Sunday.  Weather Service forecasts of potential impacts will be provided, as they are known.


    Oahu, Maui, Kauai

  • There is a tropical storm warning in effect for Maui. 

  • We are continuing to monitor the progress of both storms and will update Matson vessel schedules and operations as needed.


    We are continuing to monitor the progress of both Hurricanes and will update you as more information becomes available.


    We wish all the very best!