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The following is provided for your information:

 Holiday Schedule

The following offices will be closed in celebration of their local holidays:

 United States*

 Independence Day (observed)

 July 3


 Hari Raya Puasa

 July 17


 Hari Raya Puasa

 July 17


 Marine Day

 July 20


 Liberation Day

 July 21

Please remember that certain offices are across the International Dateline. The dates above are their dates, not the actual USA date.

*Independence Day (4th of July) Sailing Cut-Offs 

Due to all USA offices being closed for the Independence Day our loading cut-off for various terminals will be:

ATLANTA CFS (Non-Haz & Haz)

All destinations – Wednesday, July 1 at 1600


CHICAGO CFS (Non-Haz & Haz)

All destinations – Wednesday, July 1 at 1600




Non-Haz - Thursday, July 2 at 1700
Haz - Tuesday, June 30 at 1700


CLL, GUA, SAL & VPZ (Non-Haz & Haz)

Wednesday, July 1 at 1600


HKG, YOK, GYI & SJO (Non-Haz & Haz)

Thursday, July 2 at 1600

All other destinations remain the same

NYC CFS (Non-Haz & Haz)

Wednesday, July 1 at 1600 



No change


SEATTLE (Non-Haz & Haz):

Thursday, July 2 at 1200


PORTLAND (Non-Haz & Haz):

Wednesday, July 1 at 1200

Guam Department of Agriculture Invasive Species Inspection Fee 

We have been informed by Matson Navigation Company (“Matson”) that the Guam Department of Agriculture is requiring maritime transportation companies to begin collection of an invasive species inspection fee beginning with cargo arriving on Guam July 1, 2015 or thereafter.  All fees collected will be deposited into the Invasive Species Inspection Fee Fund. (See link below for Reference)


DOA Invasive Species Inspection Fee.pdf


The fee established is for the service(s) of inspection, quarantine and eradication of invasive species contained in marine commercial shipments, foreign or domestic, and shall apply to all imported cargo to Guam.  (See 14102. Fee Assessment for Exemptions)


The following calculation below demonstrates how said fee will be charged:


Total Gross Weight divided by 1000.0LBS X $0.75=Total Amount: Invasive Species Inspection Fee (example:  Total: 38,000.LBS div 1000.0LBS X $0.75 = $28.50).


Accordingly, our pricing structure will affect this new charge effective with sailings on or after June 23, 2015.