Location: Los Angeles

Job Category: Administrative Support

Position Type: Full Time

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Department: Operations

Position Description:

JOB TITLE: Traffic Clerk

STATUS: Non-Exempt

ENTITY: LA Traffic Dept.

JOB SUMMARY: This position is primarily responsible data entry, LTL pickup order and
tracking as well as communicating with the customer. Other duties will apply as
described below.


	Reports to: Traffic Manager


1) This is a full-time position requiring daily attendance during your established office
     hours as determined by Management. You must clock out at the beginning of each
     meal period and log in at the end of each meal period. No work can be performed
     during the meal period, which may be spent on or off the Company’s premises as the
     time is considered non-working time and is unpaid. If an employee knows they will be
     late for work, the employee before the start of their shift should make a call in to the
     immediate Supervisor. It is essential to the job to be on time every scheduled work day
     to be work ready to serve our Customers.
2) This position may require overtime, which may only be worked when a
     Supervisor/Manager approves the time in advance of working the overtime.
3) The work output and quality of the work and customer service must be of the
     highest caliber.
4) Follow and maintain the Company's policies and procedures as outlined below:
A. Company Employee Handbook
B. Supplemental policies:
I. Code of Ethics
II. Communication Policy
III. Sexual Harassment Policy
IV. Computer / Internet Usage Policy
V. ISO Quality Policy and Procedures
5) Recommends steps to strengthen procedures in any given area when the procedures
     in effect are noted to be inadequate or weak.


1) Emails are worked first come first serve (assigning to dept. from Workflow (email management system).
2) Answers the Traffic Department phones,
3) Takes pickup orders and enters them into the System (as required for back-up to Customer Service)
4) Verifies quotes prior to dispatching an order.
5) Dispatches orders to outside vendors for pickup.
6) Follows up on orders dispatched.
7) Monitors the Dispatch Control Board (Pickup Tab)
8) Participates in training events as required for transitioning new personnel.
9) Logs into the Traffic Queues – phone and during working hours.
10) Schedules Eastbound shipments for will/call and delivery.
11) Reconciles Gate Log Daily.
12) Maintains Call Log notes on shipments
13) Monitor the Dispatch Board for Un-Verified pickups.
14) Updates Traffic Fuel Spread-sheet with Gallons pumped per truck.
15) Settle/Reconciles LLC’s Invoices.
16) Performs other duties assigned by Manager.

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