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Transcontinental Service

With our network of affiliated companies, you have a broad array of trusted, regional trucking agents and efficient distribution lines available. Because of our quality relationships, in addition to high-volume freight output, we offer competitive overland discounts and superior shipping conditions. Need more information or a delivery charge quote? For additional information or to obtain a rate quote, contact DLS at 800.924.4744 Ext. 5910 or email us.

Intermodal Service

Our ever-growing network of quality partnerships, linked with our high volume of shipments, allow us to offer cost-effective rates among our wide range of source location and rail carriers. We arrange freight service including Full Container Load (FCL) and Less Than Container Load (LCL) anywhere within the continental United States and Canada. Get a rate quote or more information by contacting DLS at 800.924.4744 Ext. 5910 or email us.


DGX provides reliable, in-house warehousing as an added freight option to complete the shipping process in Hawaii as well as anywhere within the Pacific Rim, and through our various Dependable affiliates.

Warehousing is currently available in Los Angeles and Oakland through our sister company, DDC - Dependable Distribution Centers. Please call 323.526.2200 or visit us for further information with respect to DDC.

Special Delivery Services

In addition to reliable standard ocean and air shipping services, we offer specialized delivery services to ensure all customer needs are met. Our special delivery services include oversized, project cargo, heavyweight, hazardous materials, to the job site, door-to-door, Final Mile/Last Mile, White Glove, after hours/weekends and trade shows/conventions. Literally any type of delivery can be performed to meet your extraordinary shipping circumstances. Please call 888.488.4888 (U.S. only) or 310.669.8888 or email us and we’ll help get your shipment there on time and on budget.

International Formatting of Production & Expiration Dating (P&E)

P&E requirements vary widely from country to country. Few countries only require a “best before” date. Most require both production and expiration dates and some require both the case and item to be dated. Dating is most often required in Day/Month/Year format rather than Month/Day/Year. Julian formatting/coding is not acceptable in most countries.

Changing production line set up to meet the various P&E formats for every country can often be time consuming and cost prohibitive. This is especially true for a new and/or test market where small quantities and/or sample orders may be required. We provide this service using state of the art Domino inkjet printers. The printers are capable of applying up to four lines of text.

Please contact us at 888.488.4888 (U.S. only) or 310.669.8888 Ext. 1515 or email us for further information.

DGX International Formatting of Production and Expiration Dating ExampleDGX International Formatting of Production and Expiration Dating Example

Ingredient and Required Information Language Translation

Many countries require that all ingredients and other product information be listed in the destination country’s language. Others require that the name and contact information for the importer be listed on each item and be in the applicable language, and still others require both.

In addition to the legal requirements, ingredient identification in the applicable language makes good marketing sense. Artificial flavorings and color additives can also require special code changes and language translation. Many countries also require the product country of origin not only be on each item but also clearly marked on each outer carton.

We have the knowledge and experience to perform these functions as you require.

Please contact us at 888.488.4888 (U.S. only) or 310.669.8888 Ext. 1515 or email us for further information.

Sticker/Label Production and Application

All translated stickers/labels are sized for the required use and converted to .jpg graphic files. They are then stored in a coded system file for future use. They can then be accessed as required and printed in the amounts required. The same process is used with customer-supplied stickers/labels. In this case the supplied sticker/label is scanned into the system. This system provides savings in both time and money.

Outside suppliers print in full sheet or roll quantities that often result in printing and paying for more than are required. We only bill for labels required, not overruns. We also do not have to wait to receive label shipments from your printer, which can also cause delays.

All sticker/label printing is done in-house. Depending upon type of application required, stickers/labels may be applied by automatic applicators or by hand. This printing and application system provides us the flexibility to do an endless variety of projects, both large and small.

Please contact us at 888.488.4888 (U.S. only) or 310.669.8888 Ext. 1515 or email us for further information.

Export Marking to Assist in Product Diversion Prevention

Diversion of product intended for export back into the domestic market can be costly and is often difficult to control. Having cases and/or items marked “For Export Only” or with special “coding” can provide a deterrent to this practice and is an excellent means of tracing product back to the offenders.

Please contact us at 888.488.4888 (U.S. only) or 310.669.8888 Ext. 1515 or email us for further information.

Dependable = ONE-STOP SHOP

Look to us as your single source for dependable, cost-effective shipments of goods around the world. With experienced teams who provide excellent customer service at office locations across the globe, we have the capability to cover all of your freight and logistical needs.

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