April 28, 2017
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Shipping to (or from) China

When shipping to China or from China, for ocean freight you will need to consider both the carrier you use (ocean liner or freight forwarder) as well as their pricing.

You have a wide variety of forwarders who categorize their sales and operating efforts to meet your needs in one of these three broad categories:
  • Big multinational companies who are data oriented in their selling/operating approach, focusing less on distinct customer needs
  • Medium-sized service-oriented forwarders who handle a variety of specialized origins and destinations and are more customer-focused
  • One-destination focused forwarders whose entire sales and service may be price-based to a specific location or from a specific location
Additionally you can work with ocean carriers directly, but if you don't have regular cargo-shipping, you won't get good pricing, and often fall short on customer service marks.

DGX - Dependable Global Express is a mid-sized customer-service oriented ocean and air freight forwarder, specializing in combining the best service possible with competitive rates. DGX ships Less than Container Load (LCL) freight both to and from China. We specialize in doing a "temperature-insulated wine consolidation" into Shanghai for wine importers into China.

How about the cost of shipping to China? For LCL shipments, there are a lot of freight forwarding companies to choose from which usually means intense price competition. When shipping LCL cargo to China, look at total costs from both origin and destination. Lately pricing in the USA has gone down because shippers do not realize their destination customer ends up paying the difference with higher destination fees and shipping rebates going back to the forwarder of origin.

For Full Container Load (FCL) pricing, there are multiple options. For shippers who do not have high tonnage or regular shipments to China, they should opt for an ocean freight forwarder vs. trying to negotiate directly with an ocean carrier. Call three three forwarders and obtain quotes to get an adequate knowledge of what you will pay to ship to China. Remember to ask for insurance from either your forwarder or your company insurance carrier and include this cost request in your initial quote. Neither the ocean carriers or forwarders will insure the value of your products - it's up to you to protect your cargo and your bottom line.

Two Rules of Thumb for China Shipping:
  1. The government nominates ports of loading for all exporters based on the geographic location of the exporters. This means you should look for local shipping that fits your shipping schedule locally.
  2. Understand the rules for shipping any hazard materials (aka: hazmat) cargo you ship into a specific port at destination. Different ports now have different hazardous materials rules and regulations.

The cost of shipping to Hawaii

The cost to ship to Hawaii will vary depending on your needs. For ocean transport various factors will change your shipping cost:
  • Less than Container Load (LCL) rates
  • Full Container Load (FCL) rates
  • The point of origin
  • Which Hawaiian island
  • The destination on that island
  • Whether you want to use a reliable carrier with newer vessels vs. one with older vessels
  • Will you be using a motorized carriage vs. a slower barge service
Air freight pricing differences will vary too including the freight origination, the destination island, the destination on the island, the expected time frame of the service, and more. All of these shipping variations will make a difference in how much it costs to ship to Hawaii.

For your convenience, we offer online rate quotes via our DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express Quick Quote online rate quoter. You can also email us or call 800.488.4888 and ask for the Rate Department. Our friendly folks can help you determine the cost of shipping to Hawaii.

Why DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express?
When you ship your cargo to Hawaii with an ocean freight forwarder, you need peace of mind knowing your products will arrive at their final destination in a safe and timely manner. We understand that shipping locally - or even nationally - can be stressful, costly, and time-consuming. At DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express and DGX (our sister global shipping company), we specialize in Less than Container Load (LCL) or Full Container Load (FCL) shipping throughout North America, and the world to and from Hawaii. We are the largest asset-based LCL company specializing in Hawaii and our division includes assets of more than 100 tractors and trailers and ownership of three Hawaii-based trucking terminals. However, we do not stop there.

Our other lines of business allow us to be more flexible with pricing and service offerings that can have a positive impact on your complex supply chain. Our enterprise solutions include both mainland and island harbor drayage, mainland and island warehousing, and much more. Our Account Executives will customize solutions to help your supply chain operate more efficiently so that you get what you pay for, and FAST!

Five Key Advantages of DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express
  1. Regional Leaders
    Separating us from most national carriers, we specialize in expedited LCL freight movement to and from Hawaii, both ocean and air freight. As a private company, we have the flexibility and capabilities of providing customized solutions for your requirements while providing fast, cost-effective shipping throughout our regional footprint. The benefits of choosing us include low shipping cost to Hawaii, low claims ratios, exceptional timely service performance, and possessing a large fleet lessening the chances of delay.
  2. On-Time Delivery
    Matson Navigation Company is used exclusively when shipping to Hawaii to ensure the least amount of delays and fastest ocean carriage. The old Horizon Lines vessels are unreliable. Once containers arrive at the appropriate destination port, we pride ourselves on 98% or better on-time delivery. Our commitment to timeliness gives our customers the ability to ship even the smallest amount of freight instead of having to wait until they have enough to order a full shipment, fast and on time.

    When considering the cost to ship to Hawaii, it’s important you’re getting the value you’re paying for. We pride ourselves on hiring skilled and professional drivers, owning modern equipment to ensure safe and efficient transportation of your freight, and implementing the latest technology to help monitor and manage scheduled pickups and deliveries. We pick up and deliver in a timely manner anywhere in the continental United States to and from our facilities and container freight stations.
  3. Dedicated Account ExecutivesWe pride ourselves on providing personalized service. We try to know our customers well, and strive to establish a strong business relationship to help our customers achieve their goals. Our knowledgeable Account Executives are always accessible and will customize services and pricing to help customers focus on results while providing superior end-to-end customer service.

    We have been in business since 1980, and our can-do attitude and commitment to excellence is an everlasting part of our culture and values that is inherent in every customer interaction. Our team will go the extra mile, listen to your initiatives, and expand our services to meet the requirements needed. We understand shipping costs to Hawaii do add up, so it is important to us that your experience is worry-free as well as cost-effective. If you’re asking questions like, “How much is it to ship to Hawaii?,” please give us a call at 800.488.4888. This way you’ll understand not only the cost of shipping but the value of our Dependable Difference.
  4. Asset-BasedFor an LCL company to have a successful relationship with their customers, they must be an extension of their customers and evolve with their needs. We have purposely purchased trucking facilities in the communities we service to ensure we are part of those cultures and understand our customers. Our investment in our facilities and equipment demonstrates our commitment to properly handling our customers’ freight so they can operate a more efficient supply chain to help ensure they meet their goals.
  5. One-Stop ShopSave time and money. Day to day operations can get hectic, and identifying business partners and vendors in various areas of transportation and logistics is time-consuming and expensive. As a private enterprise, we have the capabilities of servicing all of your transportation needs with our proven lines of businesses. We can customize solutions, and provide multiple modes of transportation including truckload (FTL), less-than-truckload (LTL), intermodal, International, as well as servicing your harbor drayage and warehousing needs. This type of flexibility gives our customers an “all-in-one” service offering to get their freight where it needs to go in the most timely and cost-efficient manner.
To find out more about the Dependable Difference, visit us here.

Life in Guam

Guam DHX photoDHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express started shipping to Guam from the continental USA in 1981, when Founder, Ron Massman, bought a company that shipped to Guam for a grocery distributor. When current president Brad Dechter joined DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express in 1982, the Guam trade lane became the first trade lane for which he was responsible. Since DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express was shipping from California to Guam at that time, Guam helped with the future direction of the company: helping to refine their mainland trucking network to cover more inland points. Also, it helped them to replace their delivery agent on the Island and realize they needed to begin shipping from Guam to California.

Lessons learned in the microcosm of the Guam trade were eventually used across all services. As DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express listened to the needs of their Guam customers, they changed their name to help the local customers feel their specific needs were being addressed. In 1989, the company opened their trucking operation on Guam, which was so successful it became the impetus behind opening future trucking operations in Hawaii. DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express also opened shipping from Guam to California and the rest of the USA, an eastbound service similar to their operation in Hawaii. Eventually Mr. Dechter became president of the Forwarding Group of the Dependable Companies and was thankful for his Guam experience that helped to launch his subsequent career.

DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express wants to thank their many friends in Guam that helped them develop their business on the island and meet the many, diverse needs of the local businesses there.

“Thank you to the people of Guam for the opportunity to handle your shipping to Guam (and Saipan) as well as being good people and helping us in our quest to be the best at shipping to Guam!” -- Brad Dechter, President, DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express.

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