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Dear Valued Customer,


The following letter was received from Matson Navigation Company ("Matson") Monday, March 16:


As you may know, today six Northern California counties established a “Shelter in Place” order for the next three weeks in response to COVID-19.  This order directs individuals to remain in their place of residence from March 17 through April 7, 2020, unless they go out for an essential purpose. 


We want to assure the customer community that the shippers or their truckers who deliver goods to, or pick up goods from, the Port of Oakland are permitted to leave their homes to perform these critical functions.  In fact, the county orders “strongly encourage” Essential Businesses to remain open. Matson Navigation is considered an “Essential Business" supporting the country's supply chain infrastructure, and employees are allowed to travel between home and work to perform the work required to maintain these businesses.   Further, businesses that supply to other Essential Businesses with the support or supplies necessary to operate are considered essential.  


We will continue to monitor developments and update you as needed.


We at DHX- Dependable Hawaiian Express - both Management and Associates- consider us an Essential Business insofar as Hawaii and Guam are concerned and have committed ourselves, along with Matson, to ensure goods and merchandise move as scheduled to Hawaii and Guam. As a people-oriented organization, we've tried to do all the "right stuff" to ensure the safety of our people as well as workplace continuity. We're doing all the known "smart practices" we should be to ensure workplace/worker safety and excellent hygiene. We have an Emergency Plan and we've implemented it.


The purpose of this email is to reassure you that both Matson Navigation Company and DHX- Dependable Hawaiian Express, individually, yet in spirit together with similar goals, plan to ensure you get the service you need and require during these incredibly hard times. We have our people working both remotely as well as on-site at each of our facilities and we stand ready to respond to your phone calls or emails. DGX International Ocean Services, as well as Domestic and International DGX Airfreight Services also remain open to serve you as you need.


Possible Delays in Transit Times


Please be advised there may be delays in transit times for freight moving via truck or rail within the U.S. mainland due to the current COVID-19 crisis. Our teams will continue to move your freight as timely as possible and update you if or when a disruption occurs.


We hope you stay healthy and safe from the virus. Our advice- practice all the items you need to in order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. We'll see you when the storm is over and the rainbows are back, bringing smiles.


Should you have additional questions, please contact your local office, or our Corporate Customer Service center at 800-488-4888, Ext. 2020 or email us @


Thank you for your business - we appreciate it!