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Dear Valued Customers,


The following is provided for your information:


Holiday Schedule

The following offices will also be closed in celebration of their local holidays, as shown below:


New Zealand

Auckland/Nelson Anniversary

Waitangi Day

January 29

February 6


Australia Day

January 26


National Foundations Day

February 12



Please remember that certain offices are across the International Dateline. The dates above are their dates, not the actual U.S. date.


Hawaii General Rate Increase (GRI)


Matson Navigation Company (“Matson”) increased their Hawaii service by $225 per westbound container and $125 per eastbound container, effective with sailings on or after January 7, 2018.  


As a result, our Hawaii rates increased by like amounts for full container loads. For less-than-container load (LCL) cargo, our individual Customer rates were adjusted based on a variety of factors, including the commodity, density and current costs. These changes took effect with shipments sailing on or after January 7, 2018.


Additionally, due to changing costs in our Oahu operations, we increased our delivery rates and local trucking rates by 5%, effective January 1, 2018. Public Warehouse rates were also  increased 5% on this date.


Matson is not taking any increases with respect to their Guam ocean service, but did previously announce a series of Port of Guam Terminal Handling Charges “(THC)” increases in April 2017.


Details of the approved plan are posted online at:


Fuel Surcharge Increase – Hawaii, Guam and CNMI

Matson Navigation Company (Matson) announced that due to a steady increase in fuel-related costs over the last three months, these costs have continued to outpace their projections. Accordingly, Matson will increase their ocean fuel surcharge by 1.25 percentage points. The fuel surcharge for Hawaii will be increased from 27.25% to 28.5%, for Guam/CNMI from 27.75% to 29%, and for Micronesia from 32.75% to 34%, all effective with sailings on or after Sunday, January 21, 2018.

Because of this increase in our underlying costs, we are changing the fuel surcharge charged to you to reflect this 1.25% adjustment, effective with sailings on or after Sunday, January 21, 2018.


By making the above rate changes, we are able to maintain our service levels as well as the financial stability you would expect and want from your service provider. We apologize for any inconvenience these changes will cause you.



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Should you have any questions, please contact your local account executive or our Customer Service support center at 1-800-488-4888 or 1-310-537-2000, Ext. 2020.


We wish you and your loved ones the very best for a healthy and a prosperous 2018!